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Meet the Team

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About us

FlattKatt Productions is a production company based out of Cabot Arkansas, we've had a passion for filmmaking since we were young. Dylan and Kristofer met during high school and jumped right into making videos together, from wedding videos, to music videos, Commercials and even some short films.

Flattkatt production is the culmination of Dylan and Kristofer's creative impulses, and having an obscene amount of free time to make videos.

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Kristofer Flatt

I've loved making short films since I was a kid, I remember I got my first camcorder from my parents when I was 8 or 9 and I went out just to film stuff with friends.

I started getting serious as a videographer and editor in 2015 by working on my youtube channel and doing music videos for local musicians.


Dylan weatherly

I've been really into video for a long time, I started doing wedding videos back in 2015 and have since started doing music videos with local artists and interviews with local leadership.